Marble Recycle Cotton Sweatshirt


Cut & sew, organic/recycled cotton unisex sweatshirt with pigment marble dye. All done in Los Angeles within 4-mile radius.

Each dye is hand done and every piece is unique.

Available in sizes. 

Micah is 6' with a 38" waist and is wearing the XL.
Olivia is 5'4" with a 26" waist and is wearing the XS.

Size Guide


Everything we sell is pre-loved! It may be labeled with another size but through the eras, body trends and sizes have varied. We decided to make this chart to standardize a unisex fit cuz also we didn't see the need to gender clothing.

lamero size chart

Just a heads up! We measure each garment individually. So these ranges are to give you an idea of how we categories each garment. If you need some specifics on any garment, feel free to reach out to